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Rorschach Test

 What do you see in these contrails and clouds from the Shuttle Atlantis Launch June 8th, 2007?  This sort of reminds me of the Rorschach Inkblot Test.  Look forward to your response.


The Most Honest, Ethical & Open Congress (ever)

The Club for growth news is reporting that the Democratic Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee David Obey (D-Wis.) is going to keep all earmarks (pork spending) out of the spending bills so the conservatives won’t have the opportunity orchestrate a grass roots effort to squelch them (so much for Democratic government).  This is to frustrate the likes of Jeff Flake’s (R-Arizona) effort last year to stand against earmarks embarrassing Democrats.

But don’t worry he will be re-inserting this pork spending into the conference report that will be immune from amendment and deliver all the pork he cares to order up.  I hope the President has his veto pen nearby.  And just think, this all while we were promised  “the most honest, ethical, and open Congress in history” by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Isn’t this special……..? 

Get Out of Jail Free

 Paris Hilton (against all odds and direct orders from the judge) is out of jail after spending 3 day at Hard Labor (ha).  I feel sorry for her, but not Al Sharpton.  He is already out there turning it into a racial issue.

He says she got out because she was white and rich.  He has been lamenting the time he was incarcerated because of a protest sit in and he went on a Hunger Strike.  The jailers sent Doctors in every day because of risks to his health, but he complains that they didn’t let him out for medical reasons. He says if she was a white coal miner’s daughter or a rich Hip Hop star she would still be in jail.  I wonder if it is possible that Rev. Sharpton has never heard of R. Kelly or is just lying for the dramatic effect and the opportunity to be racially divisive.

Rumor has it that the reason J. Jackson hasn’t weighed in on this yet is because he is negotiating with Hilton Hotels over a possible shakedown (I mean) boycott.

UPDATE 6/8/07 12:47AM: In late breaking new from AP after midnight on Friday morning the judge that put Paris Hilton in jail has ordered her back to court Friday morning to decide if she should go back behind bars.   Note the excerpts from the AP story below (this should make Rev. Sharpton happy and deflate Jesse’s hopes for a new Rainbow/Push sponsor): 

Hours after she was sent home under house arrest Thursday for an undisclosed medical condition, the judge who put her in jail for violating her reckless-driving probation ordered her into court to decide if she should go back behind bars.

It is the city attorney’s position that the decision on whether or not Ms. Hilton should be released early and placed on electronic monitoring should be made by Judge Sauer and not the Sheriff’s Department,” said Jeffrey Isaacs of the city attorney’s office.

Hilton must report to court at 9 a.m. Friday, Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini told The Associated Press.

“My understanding is she will be brought in a sheriff’s vehicle from her home,” Parachini said.

UPDATE 6/8/07 3:21 PM: This is something, Paris Hilton was sent back to jail and according to the AP report below must spend the ENTIRE 45 days.  This little furlough at home looks like it may have cost her another 20 days. 

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Paris Hilton was taken from a courtroom screaming and crying Friday seconds after a judge ordered her returned to jail to serve out her entire 45-day sentence for a parole violation in a reckless driving case.

Who Won the Republican Debate

fred-thompson.jpg  Who Won, Fred Thompson of course?  But you say he wasn’t there.  Correct, that is why he won.  There were a lot of guys there and still you had to look and say I wish I had more choices.  Not that a number of them didn’t do well, it was just lacking something.  Therefore I think Fred won because he is brought to focus by the question “is that all our choices.”

 Also yesterday he launched his own “exploratory” website called I’m With Fred.  It is basically a fundraising site, but we will probably know about his candidacy in July (i.e. 4th).

 I read something recently that said that Fred Thompson would have the best performance in the Presidential Debates and that is really the “crunch” time, and I believe it is true.  It would be Thompson that could deliver a sobering dose of common sense to Hillary, Obama or Edwards in the Debates.  This guy may just have what it takes!

Who are the Terrorists?

abortions-since-iraq-war.png I was reading Neil Simpson’s blog 4Simpsons Blog and saw graphic above on his sidebar.  I really like the graphics that Neil uses on his blog and have borrowed them and used them here before.  The thesis of this statement is “Since the start of the Iraq War 5,444,155 American Children have died from ABORTION. 

This caused me to remember when Rosie grossly overstated the number of deaths in Iraq since the war and then implied that they were all cause by the Americans when she said, “650,000 Iraqi have been killed since the beginning of the Iraq war, ….Who Are the Terrorists?”  This of course was the source of the major controversy and argument between Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie leading to her Rosie’s quitting the VIEW on ABC.

With this information running through my head I decided to send email to Elisabeth at the VIEW and I stated the following.

Since the start of the Iraq War 5,444,155 American children have died from ABORTION.  In the words of Rosie O’Donnell  “Who are the Terrorists?”

I wonder if Rosie in all her brilliance has that answer.

Jan Grzewski on Free Markets

jan-grzewski.jpg A man named Jan Grzewski had been in a coma in Poland from a work accident since 1988 and “awoke” a couple of months ago.  here His wife Gertruda was advised by the Doctors that he would never live and she would fly into a rage every time someone would say he should be euthanized.  She decided to take him home and care for him and now he is able to speak, sit up, hold light objects and soon will be able to walk again.

One of my earlier posts was titled Capitalism, Marxism: Twin Evils?, and included in it were references to the radical change in the economies of the countries of Eastern Europe after they came out from the umbrella of the now defunct Soviet Union.  These countries turned their back on Communism in 1989 embraced Capitalism and life has never been so good for them economically.

Sometimes things happen so gradually that you don’t really recognize the significance of them.  This is sort of like the frog in a pot of water on the stove with the temperature being raised by one degree periodically.  Also, we often forget how thing used to be when we get comfortable with the way things are.  Mr. Grzewski was not afforded the convenience of gradualism and his “coming of age” 19 years later revealed to him some amazing changes.  The thing I find most interesting about this story is the fact that Grzewski was “shocked at the changes in the Polish economy.”  His quotes include: He remembered “shelves filled with mustard and vinegar only” under Communism.

You still have some going around touting the wonderful benefits of Communism, but they can’t point to any success stories.  Here on the other hand is another personal anecdote of one more success story of Capitalism and Free Markets.

Jihad for Dummies

jihad-for-dummies.jpg A plot to blow up New York’s JFK Airport was thwarted by FBI and others.  Three are in custody and one on the run.  Was this Muslim Extremist?  Of course, but you have heard this story already so I am not going to comment on this at this time.  I just want to say I sure hope these guys were nabbed through means which include WIRETAPPING suspected terrorists.  We’ll just have to wait and see…….

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