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Barack Hussein Obama – “Kingmaker”

barack-obama.jpg There is something to be said about saying something early or maybe even first.  If you are right you have such insight, but if you are wrong well then you are just plain WRONG.  But at the risk of being WRONG I will venture out here a bit and offer a scenario that I believe has a high probability of coming to fruition.

First, as you have most likely already read, Al Gore is clandestinely forming a campaign management team.  I think he is going to run.  I read one blogger say sometime ago that once you have run for President that nothing else quite measures up.  So lets say that this now makes three contenders in the Democratic Presidential sweepstakes (Barack Obama, H. Clinton and Algore).  You see I think that Edwards, Richardson and any of the others (announced and unannounced) are merely pretenders not contenders and that all of these (except Edwards) may be in the race to balance some kind of ticket as a Vice Presidential selection.

This is a vain and mistaken assessment on their part.  I am not sure whether it will be Hillary or Al, but to me it is increasing likely that the VP nominee will be Barack Obama.  Why?  Because he will emerge as the kingmaker (in my opinion).  That is to say that the delegate count will be split largely between the 3 contenders with a few to the pretenders but with no single candidate having enough to win a first ballot victory at the Democratic National Convention during the Summer of 2008.  The back room dealing will put Obama in the power position of not taking the nomination but becoming the kingmaker (at a cost) and I think we will see Obama on the ticket somewhere and here are my probabilities.  Obama on the top of the ticket 10%,  Obama Veep to Hillary 40%, Obama Veep to Gore 50%.  We’ll see, stay tuned……….

P.S. This would definitely sink a Hillary candidacy in my opinion and could likely “Inconveniently” sink the “Truth” bandwagon of Algore.

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