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Those Pesky Clinton Profits (what a country)

hillary-2.jpg  Oops, Hillary Clinton sold some stock recently that could cause her problems during the campaign if she had continued to hold those shares.  Wow, only in America is it a crime to own a particular stock when you are running for President but not to own that stock when you have merely declared your intentions to run for the nomination.  Lets see what she owned in part:

NewsCorp (Fox News)   Satan Himself

Biogen                             Big Pharmaceutical

Johnson & Johnson         Big Pharmaceutical

Amgen                             Big Pharmaceutical

Pfizer                               Big Pharmaceutical

Glaxo Smith Kline            Big Pharmaceutical

Wall Mart                        The Anti-Christ with Employee Abuses

These are creating millions in Capital Gains that will carry substantial Capital Gains Taxes that she has been able to avoid by not selling them previous to this [which is a complaint of many on the left which feel that “unrealized gains” (those only on paper not cash) should be taxes].  One thing from this is that now she will learn what the cost of Capital Gains Taxes are to her portfolio and hence their small share of contribution to economic growth in the country. Too bad she didn’t own some “Big Oil” since she has complained about them as much as she did in the 1990’s about the immoral profits of Big Pharmaceutical (just before she tapped into those profits after Bill left office).

At least she didn’t own any Halliburton.  But if Cheney is still guilty because he previously owned Halliburton shares (which he sold to avoid similar conflict of interest charges) isn’t it equally fair to charge that she is still guilty of illicit Pharmaceutical gains ……. even up till just recently when she just sold her “conflict of interest” shares?  You won’t hear as much about this from the “drive by media” and the left as you did about Cheney because it is a different ox being Gored.  Maybe we should demand that she contribute those ill begotten gains on Big Pharmaceutical to children’s relief.    STORY HERE

Global Warming Thought Police-Again

global-warming.jpg This is another rich example of how the New Religion Left “thought police” are operating with their Stalinist tactics in enforcing the prevailing line on Global warming. When the Mayor of Seattle (Greg Nickles – Dem) claimed on February 7, 2007 according to the Seattle Times (editorial) that “the average snow pack in the Cascades has declined 50 percent since 1950 and will be cut in half again in 30 years if we don’t start addressing the problems of climate change now,” climate scientist Mark Albright of the University of Washington exposed that his research showed that the snow pack had not declined much at all yet in recent years had actually been growing. […….Ouch to Global Warming Orthodoxy]

For further information read the article Associate State Climatologist Fired for Exposing Warming Myths from at the Heartland Institute that exposes full details the embarrassing position that the mayor and other Climate fear mongers found themselves in and how they lashed out first by trying to gag Mr. Albright and after failing that firing him on March 12, 2007. 

Freedom of Speech (only for the Left)

rush-limbaugh.jpg If you live in Baltimore and you engage in vandalism and defacement of property you might receive praise from Robert Murrow, a spokesman for the city’s Department of Public Works.  Gee I remember when city officials were the first to condemn the defacement of private property.  But I guess it is ok now so long as it is related to the destruction of Conservative matters.  You see this praise came after a vandal threw a can of paint on a billboard advertising the Rush Limbaugh show.  Just what did Mr. Murrow say about the antic?  He said, “It looks like they took globs of paint and threw it on his face. It looks great. It did my heart good,”  Well if you are the advertising agency that owns the Billboard you can’t expect to receive “equal protection under the law” in Baltimore now can you? 

My opinion is that the left have become the defacers of society in general and this is just another piece of their work and city officials approval thereof.  Don’t look for any arrests due to this vandalism, but maybe they will issue a civic award.  On the other hand maybe this is approved behavior now, so I encourage you to forward this post to your friends in Baltimore urging them to deface property of the Baltimore Department of Public Works.  Apparently they won’t mind.  But maybe on the other hand freedom of speech is only for the liberals and their pets that they like to protect such as the Jihadists.

MORE: Baltimore Sun

An Inconvenient Truth (required reading)

algore-inconvenient-truth.jpg This is really going too far.  Now if you attend Roger Williams University you must view algore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” in order to graduate.  I wonder if those that don’t graduate and ostensibly didn’t watch the movie will be automatically granted a degree when the “Thought Police” change back to the impending Ice Age theory.  You think that since there have been so many “facts” in this movie upturned that a University would be hard pressed to make this a required course and squander their credibility as well.  I have stated before that this drum beat of “Man Made Global Warming” has become the New Religion of the left.  See the full article from Cybercast News Service below:  

To receive a degree from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, students are being forced to watch “An Inconvenient Truth,” the documentary on global warming produced by former Vice President Al Gore.The science class requirement has prompted one conservative student to declare that “we should stop calling these schools ‘bastions of knowledge’ since they’re really bastions of leftist thought.”The controversy at Roger Williams University (RWU) in Bristol, R.I., began the week before Earth Day, when the professors teaching the laboratory portion of “Core 101: Science, Technology and Society” required their students to watch Gore’s Oscar-winning film in class.The course is one of 12 that students at the university must take in order to graduate.However, Dana Peloso, an RWU junior and president of the school’s chapter of the College Republicans, sent a letter questioning the course requirement to Jeffrey Hughes, assistant dean of marine and natural sciences.“With the issue of global warming being such a highly politicized topic, with the scientific community unsure if global warming is man-induced or part of the natural cycle of the earth, do you think that it is intellectually honest to only show the alarmist viewpoint?” Peloso asked.“If the movie is still shown, what plans are there to incorporate the ideas of leading global warming skeptics into class discussion?” he added.

In his email response, Hughes stated that “I only recently saw ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and have to think that it’s an ideal subject for a Core lab,” because “the point of Core is to inform students of scientific principles and help them make decisions on issues with a scientific basis in their everyday lives.”

“After an initial and heated debate, scientists no longer question whether the atmosphere is being warmed due to human activities and instead are increasingly impressed with the speed and impact of the process,” Hughes wrote. “I repeat: there is no doubt that we’re warming the earth and that a continuation of our activities will lead to profound changes.

“Penguins, polar bears and your unborn children have no vote in this. They must live with decisions we make today,” the assistant dean said.

“As educators, we’re charged to encourage your intellectual growth,” Hughes added. “That can (actually, will) be uncomfortable at times, and we’re also here to help you deal with that discomfort. It’s truly what makes being a human such a joy, privilege and challenge.”

Peloso told Cybercast News Service on Tuesday that his fellow students have reacted to the situation in one of two ways.

“Those who understand that there are multifaceted points of view” are “really troubled by this,” he said. But others “are so naive” that they take Gore’s position “as gospel, the final word on global warming. They see Al Gore is a former vice president, so it’s got to be true.”

The RWU junior approached other members of the faculty and staff regarding the matter, but “I can count on one hand the number of conservative professors I actually know of” at the university, he stated.

Peloso also sought assistance from the conservative Young America’s Foundation, and Jason Mattera, a spokesman for the group who graduated from RWU in 2005, responded that Hughes’ behavior amounted to “gross intolerance” at a university that promotes itself as a place that values “collaboration of students and faculty in research” and “appreciation of global perspectives.”

“That aside, it’s a bold-faced lie for him to argue that all scientists agree with Al Gore,” Mattera added.

Cybercast News Service previously reported that climate change skeptics have called “An Inconvenient Truth” a sci-fi disaster movie, and scientists who do not agree with the former vice president’s view claim their perspective is being shunned in favor of trying to attain a “consensus” on the subject of global warming.

Mattera told Cybercast News Service that he “wasn’t surprised” to hear about the situation because liberal professors often use their positions of authority to indoctrinate young minds. “This happens all the time, so we might have to stop calling these schools bastions of knowledge since they’re really bastions of leftist thought,” he said.

However, Susan Rivers, vice president of public affairs for RWU, told Cybercast News Service on Tuesday that this semester is the only time the film has been shown to students and as to whether it will be shown in the future, “the faculty and the deans agree together as a group what the content of these courses will be.”

Rivers said Peloso was not enrolled in the course and therefore did not see the film. “He had already taken the class,” she said, and in fact, “he was not enrolled during the semester in question.”

Mattera acknowledged that Peloso learned of the situation from friends taking the course and decided to contact the teacher because of concern for his fellow students and the fact that he had no grade to be affected by the action.

“He’s just trying to be a good student and continue being part in the educational community at RWU,” Mattera added. “Besides, any university should not look to limit information but to expand it and have students come to their own conclusions.”

Holocaust Denial

holocaust.jpg There is a recent email circulating that evokes at first the thought of “Urban Legend” or “Hoax” and seems initially as though it should be disregarded as nonsense.  So a trip to reveals that it is in at least part very true.  The subject concerns the schools in the United Kingdom discontinuing teaching about the Holocaust because of sensitivities of certain Muslim students and their tendency towards Holocaust denial.  A simple reading of said e-mail reveals that the UK has removed the Holocaust from school curriculum and although it doesn’t so state, suggests that the UK has removed this subject from all schools curriculum.  The truth (according to Scopes with an April, 2007 entry) is that in actuality the History Department of “only” a single High School has removed the Holocaust from the school curriculum because according to Snopes it “wished to avoid confronting anti-Semitic sentiment and Holocaust denial among some Muslim pupils.” 

Wow, so maybe it is true.  I wonder if we will hear about this on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, NY Times, LA Times, etc.  I for one will not be holding my breath.  I am sure we would hear instantaneously, and rightly so, if only one high school in the south of the US decided to ban teaching about the Civil Rights movement and the emancipation of Slaves because it wished to avoid confronting anti-black sentiment and Slavery denial and revisionism among some pupils of families from the KKK.  Maybe all of a sudden the left would get it.   I believe that this country is in denial of creeping anti-Semitism and have not connected the linkage of Muslim appeasement to this in particular and the general struggle this world is in against terrorist and terrorist sympathizers.  I hope the left is listening…………

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