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steve-susan-hawaii-small-sample.jpg Thanks for all the comments and phone calls and email about our situation here.  I really haven’t had time to blog but wanted to post an update.  Susan is doing real well and here face will heal perfectly I believe.  She is currently experiencing some swelling from bruising of her spinal cord, but no brake or fractures.  She is in the hospital receiving steroids for a couple of days to reduce the swelling.  She previously had some calcification of her spine and that causes a narrowing of the spinal cord column.  She has known that someday she will probably need surgery to relive and this is another wake up call in that direction, but they want the trauma from the current accident to heal first.


For those of  you that don’t know the story, she fell about 10:30 PM Sunday in our home and her face took the brunt of the damage when it hit the corner/edge of the door at the door jam when she fell with an associated whiplash type of situation. 

She is experiencing the “feeling” of burnt hands from the pressure on her spinal cord.  The doctor said that I could take a couple of months to go away, but the good new is that it will.  Her spirits are great and she has no pain from the fall, but I suppose you wouldn’t either if you were taking what they are giving her.  Thanks so much for you love, concern and prayers.  Please continue to pray for the pressure on her spinal cord to abate. We think she will come home tomorrow or Thursday.  As for me my heart situation isn’t all that bad, just a management issue right now.     ………..stevereenie

 UPDATE  (5/2/07):  I brought Susan home from the hospital today.  She is doing well and resting.  It will be a bit for all the booboos totally abate, but they will.  We are currently planning on heading to our southern headquarters for about 6 weeks on the 14th………..stevereenie

UPDATE  (5/4/07):  Susan continues to improve.  She is experiencing some numbness on the skin of her right leg, but the Neurosurgeon assures this will pass in 6-7 weeks.  The burning sensation of her hands is improving and she had a lower front tooth capped today.  In short she seems to be better with each passing hour.  Thanks for all your inquiries, concerns and prayers. ……………stevereenie 

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