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DU Watch: Jerry Falwell’s Death

democratic-underground.jpg I am going to start a feature called DU Watch.  This is a reference to the website/forum “Democratic Underground”  I stop by there once in a while just to see what the enemy is up to.  This is an extremely radical left wing site that is very difficult to read sometimes.  Today I will start with a few representative comments by their members and commenter’s regarding Jerry Falwell’s death with reference to their “username.”  In the future I will title these features as DU Watch: XXXX indicating the relevant issue.

Madspirit:  Would you be embarrassed if the Jews were celebrating the death of Hitler? As a lesbian I resent your embarrassment. This man wanted me dead for no reason other than who I love. He blamed ME for 9/11. He blamed ME for AIDS. You should visit an AIDS hospice and then come tell me who exactly you are embarrassed for. The man was Evil…with a capital “E” and the world is a better place. Personally, I can’t wait until all the fascists die off. Then maybe we can have a kinder gentler world.  [This post was in response to another commenter’s expression of embarrassment as to the tone of this “massive” thread. sc]

tblue:  I’m not rejoicing. But should the world have been respectful when Hitler died? Just wondering.

Juniprex:  Falwell was pure evil… n/t

dansolo:  If there was a just God Falwell would have been taken 30 years ago.

purduejake:  I celebrate his death… because that is one less bigot out there campaigning against gays (and others). He’s live a life attacking families and has been effective at it. Good riddance.

And of course one voice of reason when commenting about the tone of the Falwell thread:  Atman:  This is NOT DU’s finest hour!  ………..Just had to say it.

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