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Making Taxes Pay (for Illegal Aliens)

refunds.jpg make-tax-time-pay.jpg People are talking about the negative impact that the normalization of illegal aliens will have on the Social Security System.  I agree, this will take a bankrupt system and maybe take it out of reach of repair, especially since we don’t have the political will to allow for Social Security to migrate to “Private Accounts” (see my post on the problem with Social Security here).  But long before the severity of this impact on Social Security is noticed the country stands on the edge of bankruptcy from another little understood effect of legalizing and making Citizens the current illegal aliens.

This effect comes from the Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC).  This is a provision of the tax code that essentially boils down to Welfare for employed people earning up to $38,347 per year if married and having one or two children.  I have heard proponents of the Hispanic community often state that the contribution of the illegal’s (or undocumented workers as they say) is positive for our economy and not a burden.  Ha, talk about bold face lies.  Don’t believe it for a second at least as it come down to the damage to the public sector.

Here is how it works.  When these people are mainstreamed and qualified for EIC they will qualify for this credit with one child.  Let’s examine a typical situation.  Being that the illegal aliens usually have larger families, having two children is a common situation.  The EIC maxes out with 2 children. This is an outright payment to an individual through an income tax refund to people that don’t even pay or owe taxes.  It is a “refund” of money which wasn’t withheld in the first place.

If this typical two child illegal immigrant family earns $16,850 (which seems very like for this category of worker) they will have zero federal income tax withheld and when they file their tax return they get a refund of $5,385 which is composed of the following: $4,522 EIC and $833 for Additional Child Tax Credit.

Can you imagine that $5,385 right out of your pocket so some employer can enjoy low cost labor.  Again the proponents of the illegal workers who have previously stated that they are contributing to the tax pool would say that this doesn’t take into account the Social Security Taxes being withheld.  I’ve calculated the withholding and that would be in the above case a whopping total of $1,289.00 (for both Social Security and Medicare Tax).  So in this illustration there is a net benefit to the formerly illegal alien of $4,096 per taxpayer.

Now let me say that getting this outright grant of thousands of dollars is not figured into their income when it comes to determining their eligibility for Medicaid, Supplemental Social Security (SSI), Food Stamps, Low Income Housing, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.  These are additional expenses that YOU the American Taxpayer have to cover for this group.

This is one of the most immediate and expensive reasons why legalizing the illegal’s is a bad idea, even if we can’t find and deport them.  So what, just because we can’t find them all and deport them doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to give them the keys to Fort Knox.

Illegal Immigration (France)

nicolas-sarkozy.jpg Well now that the pro Western and pro American Nicolas Sarkozy was elected President in France they have ruled out legalizing undocumented (illegal) immigrants in mass.  This may be their last opportunity for saving their country from being overrun by the Islamists.  This is something that maybe we should pay attention to here in this country.  Is anyone smearing them by calling them racists for this decision?  Who knows, with the way things are going I may have to lift my personal boycott of France soon.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves too quickly. 

And here is a novel idea………..

Sarkozy had said he wants to ensure that those who join families in France can speak French and that family members receiving them can support the newcomers.

If you want more details on this please check out the following link from the Daily Mail UK.  French Immigration.

The Duchy of Grand Fenwick

the-mouse-that-roared.jpg Some of the most prosperous nations in the world (notwithstanding the resource endowed countries of the Middle East) are so not only because we were once at war with them, but because the U.S. won.  They United States has a history of defeating countries and then re-building them and set up their government and economies (in some cases) then turning them free to grow and prosper, which they have.  [Noted example is Japan and Germany, but not limited just there at least in effect.] 

One example is a country that was never at war (at least open war) with or in the America (other than how you might score the French & Indian war in the Colonial Days).  We came to the aid of France in both WWI and WWII.  Though they were not “defeated” by the U.S. they were the beneficiary of U.S. assisted reconstruction.  This aid was provided in 1918 for WWI and 1947 for WWII.  If you take the amount supplied to only France (AS A LOAN) and bring that calculation forward to 2004 (the date I prepared this study) you will find that at an interest rate of 4% the amount that France would be indebted to the U.S. is 101.6 Billion Dollars.  I say “would” because there is no (nor has ever been) any intention on France’s part to repay the U.S.  It is the U.S. that suffered the economic loss of France in both wars and it is France that benefited from U.S’s generosity.   So you can plainly see that it has been profitable for countries to either be at war with the U.S. or have that war merely occur on your soil.

This brings us to the Duchy of Grand Fenwick.  The Duchy was a mythical small nation that plotted to declare war on the United States and subsequently surrender and in losing come under some type of Marshall Plan for their economic survival.  This story is captured in the Peter Sellers 1959 classic “The Mouse that Roared.”  It is a good movie and is totally hilarious.  But I mention this today because it seems to me that there are a number of countries out there that perceive the U.S. in the same way that the Grand Duchy did. Most notably in this case is the nation of Mexico.

Listen, I don’t want to denigrate the aspirations of good people that want to provide something better for their children, but I am really getting fed up with the entitlement attitude of many of these countries have towards the US, and when they meet any resistance they start claiming “racism” and statements that say this is why U.S. is so unpopular in the world.  But on the other hand why shouldn’t they consider the U.S. as their entitlement benefactor, we have demonstrated this as a matter of policy within our own borders.  But the world is adopting a Dutchy of Grand Fenwick attitude towards the U.S. and there are an awful lot of Americans that are buying into it.  Sorry…………..just had to say it.

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