Those Pesky Clinton Profits (what a country)

hillary-2.jpg  Oops, Hillary Clinton sold some stock recently that could cause her problems during the campaign if she had continued to hold those shares.  Wow, only in America is it a crime to own a particular stock when you are running for President but not to own that stock when you have merely declared your intentions to run for the nomination.  Lets see what she owned in part:

NewsCorp (Fox News)   Satan Himself

Biogen                             Big Pharmaceutical

Johnson & Johnson         Big Pharmaceutical

Amgen                             Big Pharmaceutical

Pfizer                               Big Pharmaceutical

Glaxo Smith Kline            Big Pharmaceutical

Wall Mart                        The Anti-Christ with Employee Abuses

These are creating millions in Capital Gains that will carry substantial Capital Gains Taxes that she has been able to avoid by not selling them previous to this [which is a complaint of many on the left which feel that “unrealized gains” (those only on paper not cash) should be taxes].  One thing from this is that now she will learn what the cost of Capital Gains Taxes are to her portfolio and hence their small share of contribution to economic growth in the country. Too bad she didn’t own some “Big Oil” since she has complained about them as much as she did in the 1990’s about the immoral profits of Big Pharmaceutical (just before she tapped into those profits after Bill left office).

At least she didn’t own any Halliburton.  But if Cheney is still guilty because he previously owned Halliburton shares (which he sold to avoid similar conflict of interest charges) isn’t it equally fair to charge that she is still guilty of illicit Pharmaceutical gains ……. even up till just recently when she just sold her “conflict of interest” shares?  You won’t hear as much about this from the “drive by media” and the left as you did about Cheney because it is a different ox being Gored.  Maybe we should demand that she contribute those ill begotten gains on Big Pharmaceutical to children’s relief.    STORY HERE

6 Responses to “Those Pesky Clinton Profits (what a country)”

  1. 1 MDBL June 16, 2007 at 11:51 am

    Pretty typical though right?

    I know she had some short sell (basically insider trading) issues with pharmaceuticals back at the beginning of Bills 1st term.

    I think she did? Interesting that she jumped back in bed with them…
    Essentially, they figured out what was in their blind trust & dumped the stuff… smart!

    It’s like Frist & Delay & etc & etc & etc (every freakin’ body).
    A politicians nightmare…

    MDBL: I don’t know but you might be referring to her Commodities Options trading prior to Bill’s first term but surfaced publicly at the beginning of that. I have some information on that and have been encouraged by some other blogs to publish it. In short it deals with Hillary’s consecutive trading gains of about 9-13 (I forget off hand) as a “novice” that produced her a quick profit of $100,000. When this became a public head scratcher (what she did is like flipping a coin 9-13 times and calling it each time, need I calculate the odds) she was asked how she did so consistency good in the commodities market where even most pros lose money. Not a single adverse trade.

    I knew her answer was a lie when she first uttered it and I researched and tried to figure out what she actually did. Her primary explanation was she got proficient at the commodities market by reading the Wall Street Journal. At that time I had read the WSJ every day (except during the Army) from when I was a sophomore in College (Xavier U). I am going to give you an analogy in a field you might know something about to show you how big of a lie it was. Hillary or anyone getting expert information on Commodity Trading in the WSJ is tantamount to have a hit record and when asked where you learned music saying I read Billboard Magazine. (This is in no way an exaggeration).

    The WSJ has a single page dedicated to Commodities and 99% of that is listing the closing prices of the previous day’s trades. (Sort of like Billboard lists the chart ranks of the records last week) There is actually no way to “learn” music from that or commodity trading. Knowing this and knowing that she lied I tried to decipher what actually went on. I am going to paint a scenario that myself and others realize is the only explanation, but I am sure Lanny Davis would say there is no evidence for that (except logic by people that understand the field).

    XXXXX Foods was an Arkansas based company that packaged Chickens and Chicken products. There was legislation that dealt with the pollution of the Arkansas river and it would have cost XXXXX a lot of money to comply with that regulation and still they probably couldn’t since they were such an extreme polluter. They wanted a “relaxation of the enforcement of that.” Surprisingly they were never charged with the offense, but Hillary made money coincidentally in the Commodities Market.

    XXXXX Foods engaged in hedging transactions to stabilize the price of their end product in the market place. This is something that food manufactures do to be able to price consistently their products without be subject to daily price fluctuations of the underling commodity. I was in the food business and did this myself. When you utilize a commodity and are properly hedged after you price the product you really don’t care if the price of the underlying commodity goes up or down. If it goes up you lose money on your product pricing, but it is exactly equal to your commodity trading profits. If it goes down the opposite applies.

    A company like XXXXX would literally position millions of dollars of commodity hedges to protect the profit margin in their entire product listing. Now if this same company wanted a break on the Arkansas River and wanted to grease a politician, it would be kind of obvious if they merely wrote them a check. So said politician setting up a “brokerage account” with the same brokerage company that XXXXX use allows the broker at the behest of XXXXX (in aftermarket back office operations) settle the daily trades to the accounts they assign them to. Accordingly, doing so would enable XXXXX to favor said politician with winning trades that you would only expect from a genius. Ah…… not even that. These commodities have wide price swings often within a single trading day, which is why the trade assignments can’t be made till the end of the day after the markets are closed, but before the confirmations go out.

    Now if it is worth $100,000 for XXXXX Company to grease a politician, they can do so by not losing the 100K by writing a check, but by losing the 100K by sorting some of the profitable trades to said politician. Of course, in this case, the politician is so dumb in this field that they really don’t know how to play in this market but also they don’t even know that such information is not available in the Wall Street Journal. Oh by the way, she also said she received some advice from ZZZZZZ, a broker at this firm that was the same broker for XXXXX Company. If you don’t believe this, then all I can tell you is that I won 13 coin tosses in a row because I used to work at the U.S. Mint, and I have some swamp land for you down here. 🙂 ….. steve

  2. 2 MDBL June 16, 2007 at 1:58 pm

    I love it…. I freakin’ love stuff like this. I’m pretty aware of the drama you’ve cited. Gimme a T, T… Gimme a Y, Y (okay I’ll stop)Hahahaha.

    Hey this stuff cuts both ways though Steve, you gotta believe that.
    Red Kool-Aid / Blue Kool-Aid… Same dag-gone suger water.

    MDBL: Red-Blue, I’m sure, but I love to expose the Blue in this era of D’s claiming the R’s are a culture of corruption and brag about the ……Most Honest, Ethical, and Open Congress EVER…..and the audacity to frame that as an issue with William Jefferson hanging out there not to mention the Reid real estate scam in L.V. (not even to mention abscam, house post office scandal, Jim Wright, etc) ……….steve

  3. 3 MDBL June 16, 2007 at 2:03 pm

    All that to say… I’m pretty sure she had some $ tied up in pharms back then as well. I’ll dig… Maybe not?

  4. 4 plodon June 16, 2007 at 3:47 pm

    Forget Warren Buffet, I’m doing it Hillary’s way! I’m gonna be rich, rich, RICH! Oh…but I don’t have any political influence to peddle…fiddlesticks.

    You’ll have to gather some influence if you want to make your killing. I read where the Clinton’s have made $50 million since his presidency. I wonder if it has to do with “pay me now or pay me later” ….steve

  5. 5 writerchick June 16, 2007 at 7:58 pm

    Hillary never met a dollar she didn’t like. And while she loves the idea of taxing others, she has done all she can to avoid it herself. Typical Hillary. Typical hypocrisy. What’s new?

    Although, my sense is that the driveby media may be pulling for Obama. Wouldn’t that be rich? Pun intended.

  6. 6 Angel June 16, 2007 at 10:45 pm

    Hillary never met a dollar she didn’t like. …LOL

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