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Hamas Provokes Israel Again

israel-flag.jpg In the past 16 days the “Palestinians” (Hamas) in the Gaza strip have fired 310 Qassam missiles into Sderot, Israel as the Israeli Government continues with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert “strategy” of not approving the IDF’s (Israel Defense Force) request (demand) to allow ground troops to go into Gaza and put down this menace.  Wow, I guess the Palestinians should be happy that Olmert is the Prime Minster and not me.  It takes a lot of patience to not respond adequately and protect your own people.  This barrage of attacks has turned 23,000 residents of Sderot into virtual refugees which have fled the town.

This vacillation on Olmert’s part is reminiscent of his hesitance to do the right thing almost a year ago, which led to the embarrassment of the IDF last summer in Lebanon.  I think it might be time for him to go.

I predict this.  First, I doubt you have heard much about this in the mainstream media here in the good old USA, but when Israel finally decides to put a stop to it you will hear a lot about it in the media with every detail of collateral damage, etc.  They won’t mention that Israel is not “targeting” innocent civilians when they go in, just as they haven’t told you that the Hamas is doing just that.  You will also be shown how Israel is bullying the Palestinians (just like last year when they were accused of heavy handed tactics against Hezbollah).

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