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DU Watch: Jerry Falwell’s Death

democratic-underground.jpg I am going to start a feature called DU Watch.  This is a reference to the website/forum “Democratic Underground”  I stop by there once in a while just to see what the enemy is up to.  This is an extremely radical left wing site that is very difficult to read sometimes.  Today I will start with a few representative comments by their members and commenter’s regarding Jerry Falwell’s death with reference to their “username.”  In the future I will title these features as DU Watch: XXXX indicating the relevant issue.

Madspirit:  Would you be embarrassed if the Jews were celebrating the death of Hitler? As a lesbian I resent your embarrassment. This man wanted me dead for no reason other than who I love. He blamed ME for 9/11. He blamed ME for AIDS. You should visit an AIDS hospice and then come tell me who exactly you are embarrassed for. The man was Evil…with a capital “E” and the world is a better place. Personally, I can’t wait until all the fascists die off. Then maybe we can have a kinder gentler world.  [This post was in response to another commenter’s expression of embarrassment as to the tone of this “massive” thread. sc]

tblue:  I’m not rejoicing. But should the world have been respectful when Hitler died? Just wondering.

Juniprex:  Falwell was pure evil… n/t

dansolo:  If there was a just God Falwell would have been taken 30 years ago.

purduejake:  I celebrate his death… because that is one less bigot out there campaigning against gays (and others). He’s live a life attacking families and has been effective at it. Good riddance.

And of course one voice of reason when commenting about the tone of the Falwell thread:  Atman:  This is NOT DU’s finest hour!  ………..Just had to say it.

Global Warming Thought Police-Again

global-warming.jpg This is another rich example of how the New Religion Left “thought police” are operating with their Stalinist tactics in enforcing the prevailing line on Global warming. When the Mayor of Seattle (Greg Nickles – Dem) claimed on February 7, 2007 according to the Seattle Times (editorial) that “the average snow pack in the Cascades has declined 50 percent since 1950 and will be cut in half again in 30 years if we don’t start addressing the problems of climate change now,” climate scientist Mark Albright of the University of Washington exposed that his research showed that the snow pack had not declined much at all yet in recent years had actually been growing. […….Ouch to Global Warming Orthodoxy]

For further information read the article Associate State Climatologist Fired for Exposing Warming Myths from at the Heartland Institute that exposes full details the embarrassing position that the mayor and other Climate fear mongers found themselves in and how they lashed out first by trying to gag Mr. Albright and after failing that firing him on March 12, 2007. 

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