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DNC Threatens the FreeRepublic (Ha)

free-republic.jpg The DNC (Democratic National Committee) has issued a threat to the FreeRepublic website from their Lawyers because one indicated “freeper” who goes by the user name of “Coffee 260” published a report with the information taken from an XM Satellite Radio Show titled “Quinn & Rose” show.  On that show it was stated (with reliable sources according to the commentator) that the morning after the Tornado in Kansas that Howard Dean called the Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius to discuss “talking points” about the tornado and how they could use it to make Bush look bad and blame it on him.  Well everyone knows that she didn’t waste much time blaming the war in Iraq for the lack of equipment to respond to the emergency.  [But you see the equipment has been in Iraq for the past few years and it is the states responsibility to prepare for their own disasters.]

But it seem the law firm of Sandle, Reiff and Young are trying to lean on the FreeRepublic for simply quoting a published report.  So in the end they have no case against the FreeRepublic, but they probably believe it will be easier to intimidate Jim Robinson over at the Free Republic than XM Satellite Radio.  What ever they think, it is not working.  The boys on this thread seem to find it quite hilarious.   The big beef of the DNC is that no one at the FreeRepublic called the DNC to confirm the report before going forward.

So lets see, you call the DNC and the telephone receptionists answers the phone and you ask, we heard that Howard Dean called Kathleen Sabelius after the tornado to plan “politicizing” the tornado and blaming Bush……..Is that true?  Yeah, like they would be a reliable source and admit it if they had.  For my money I’ll just go with the statement made on the Quinn & Rose show that they have impeccable sources on this (just like you hear on ABC, NBC and CBS) since the follow through by Sebelius was right on cue with the alleged Dean program.

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