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Cry Me a River

super-mario-bros.jpg Well put this down on your “cry me a river” list  (as quoted by SoftballMomin VA over at the FreeRepublic).  This is about the Pizza shop (Super Mario’s Pizza) owned by the father of one of the six “Ft. Dix” terrorists.  You may remember the one terrorist that used the cover of his Pizza Delivery job (for his father) to case out the targets at Ft. Dix.  Now the Associated Press (AP) is reporting that the father’s pizza business has tanked to nothing.  He also lost his privilege of delivering pizzas to the military post.  Maybe he will feel better if he continues to tell himself that “kids will be kids.”

COOKSTOWN, New Jersey (AP) — The father of one of the six men charged with plotting to massacre soldiers at Fort Dix says the business that he’s nurtured near the base for years is all but ruined since his son’s arrest.  Muslim Tatar, who has owned Super Mario’s Pizza for five years, said his lunchtime crowd from nearby McGuire Air Force Base and Fort Dix has largely disappeared, replaced by empty tables and nasty words from passing motorists.  “Now I am a target,” Tatar, 52, said, adding that his business is “99 percent dead.” Tatar’s son, 23-year-old Serdar Tatar, was arrested Monday along with five others. Authorities say the men were preparing to buy automatic weapons to use in an attack on Fort Dix when they were arrested.  They targeted the Army post, partly because one of them had delivered pizzas there and was familiar with the base, according to court filings. Authorities said the objective was to kill “as many American soldiers as possible.”  Five of the men are charged with conspiring to kill uniformed military personnel, an offense punishable by life in prison. A sixth is charged with helping illegal immigrants obtain weapons, and could face 10 years in prison if convicted. All six defendants are being held without bail.



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