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Freedom of Speech (only for the Left)

rush-limbaugh.jpg If you live in Baltimore and you engage in vandalism and defacement of property you might receive praise from Robert Murrow, a spokesman for the city’s Department of Public Works.  Gee I remember when city officials were the first to condemn the defacement of private property.  But I guess it is ok now so long as it is related to the destruction of Conservative matters.  You see this praise came after a vandal threw a can of paint on a billboard advertising the Rush Limbaugh show.  Just what did Mr. Murrow say about the antic?  He said, “It looks like they took globs of paint and threw it on his face. It looks great. It did my heart good,”  Well if you are the advertising agency that owns the Billboard you can’t expect to receive “equal protection under the law” in Baltimore now can you? 

My opinion is that the left have become the defacers of society in general and this is just another piece of their work and city officials approval thereof.  Don’t look for any arrests due to this vandalism, but maybe they will issue a civic award.  On the other hand maybe this is approved behavior now, so I encourage you to forward this post to your friends in Baltimore urging them to deface property of the Baltimore Department of Public Works.  Apparently they won’t mind.  But maybe on the other hand freedom of speech is only for the liberals and their pets that they like to protect such as the Jihadists.

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