Howard Dean Flexing His Muscle

dean-scream.jpg This is too good to ignore.  In a hot off the press AP release Howard Dean said that he will punish Florida (my part year residency state) if they move their primary up.  I guess this is going to be the opportunity for Dean to demonstrate his prestige and influence by threatening to keep Democratic candidates out of Florida and presumably other sanctions.  Being that Florida is most definitely an “iffy” state for the Democrats and they can’t likely win without it all I can say to Howard is if you want a war with Florida then I have 3 words for you………”Bring it On”

Not only will Florida be punished if it moves up its presidential primary, but Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said any Democratic candidate who steps foot in the state will be too.  Dean acknowledges that Florida is the state most likely to jump ahead of states like California and New York, which are moving up to the Feb. 5 primary, but it, and any other state, will do so at a cost.  He said he supports a Jan. 19 caucus in Nevada and a Jan. 29 primary in South Carolina because it adds more diversity to the process.  Florida lawmakers make a similar argument. The state has a mix of cultures, ethnicity and race; urban and rural areas; and Southerners and transplants from the north that make it look much like the country as a whole. That, and its size they say, should give it more say in deciding the presidency.”                                                      © 2007 Associated Press.


5 Responses to “Howard Dean Flexing His Muscle”

  1. 1 mommyzabs April 27, 2007 at 3:12 pm

    So why exactly is an earlier primary a problem? and why is everyone moving it up?

  2. 2 stevereenie April 27, 2007 at 3:26 pm

    States want to be courted by the candidates and made to seem important. They want to extend their influence for national and local issues into the Presidential debate. You can’t do that if the nominees are pretty much decided before they get to your state primary. So the rush is to be first so they are campaigning in your state and affirming local issues (and money for it).

  3. 3 misi April 28, 2007 at 6:09 am

    So he’s a republican? Why is this bad? Sorry I’m a little slow on this subject.

  4. 4 stevereenie April 28, 2007 at 11:02 am


    Not sure I understand your question, but if you mean or are asking if Howard Dean is a Republican the answer is no. He is Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The balance of power on at least the National level in Florida is razor thin (i.e. the margin in the last two Presidential elections). My point is he is threatening the Florida legislature (predominately Republican) that if they change the date of the Florida Primary election to dates earlier than California and New York that he will “punish” them. This punishment is unspecified, but he adds further that he will punish his own Demcoratic candidates if they campaign in Florida based on these earlier Primary Dates.

    This is a threat that is more of a paper tiger. The reason states want an early Primary is because they want a say in who is nominated by the parties. If you have a late Primary, probably the candidate has already been selected. If you are in the race early those candidates will have to shape their message taking into consideration the views of Florida and not just California and New York.

    The fall out of not allowing your candidates (don’t know how he could enforce that) campaign in the state could easily tip the razor thin scales to the Republicans favor who ostensibly would be campaining during that vacuuum. Also, voters are often independently minded and they don’t like being dictated what toi do by the National Party and especially by a kook like Dean.

    Hope I haven’t further confused the matter. So all I can say to Dean is “Bring It On.”

  5. 5 misi April 30, 2007 at 6:54 am

    O.k. now I get it. Thank you. Also, as a Fla. native I say bring it on Dean!

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