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The Missing Honey Bees

honey-bees.jpg  Honey Bees are missing by the billions and pollination accounts for 1/3 of the human diet.  Some think it is cell phone towers but another seems to know what he’s talking about and blames it on the increase of solar radiation which he feels is proof that the same solar radiation is primarily responsible for Global Warming.  Makes more sense to me than algore or Sheryl Crow.  I have listened to much discussion on the topic and have heard “out of favor” experts claim that to the extent that Global Warming exists is due to increased solar activity and ASOC (author below) puts it in more learned mathematical terms.

Bees are not returning to the hive. They get lost. Why? Bees use sunlight to navigate. Measurements of the interommatidial angle (Δφ) and facet diameter (D) of the same ommatidia in a number of insects and crustaceans with large eyes have been related to the effective intensity at which the eye functions by the following theory. The highest spatial frequency which the eye is able to reconstruct as a pattern is limited by the interommatidial angle Δφ, which is the sampling angle, because two ommatidia are required to cover each cycle of the pattern. At the same time, the absolute modulation of light in the receptors caused by the pattern depends on three interdependent factors. (a) The theoretical minimum angular sensitivity function, which has a width of λ/D at the 50% level. The wavelength λ is taken as 0.5 μm. This component is not only the limiting angular resolving power of the lens: it reduces modulation caused by all patterns, with greater loss at higher spatial frequencies. Larger lenses increase resolution and sensitivity. (b) The effective light catching area of the rhabdom. This is the angular subtense of the rhabdom area (the receptor) as seen in the outside world (i.e. subtended through the posterior nodal point of the lens), and is the equivalent of the grain size in a film. Since we now know global warming (yep, it ties together) is due to changes in the intensity of the sun and a (+)change in energy at certain wavelengths. How can the bee disappearance be overlooked as positive proof that solar radiation is the (primary) cause of global warming?”

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